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Responsible Care in the German Man-made fibres Industry

Responsible Care Basics of man-made fibres

Commitment of the German man-made fibres industry to a general precautionary principle within enterprises, for the general public and the environment.

Constant improvement of environmental protection as well as the health and safety of the employees and the general public.

Promotion of development so that it is sustainable for the entire ecosystem.

Responsible Care entails:

Product stewardship from raw materials to end uses
Dialogue from data and studies to waste disposal
Plant security, hazard reduction from test methods to burning behaviour
Occupational safety, health protection from information and training to statistics
Environmental protection from waste disposal to emission reduction
Transport safety from safety data information to supervision

Responsible Care supervises:

Safety data sheets - generic product information
Coordination of and communication on man-made fibre topics
Risk analyses and transmission of knowledge
Accidents at work, health studies
Waste and emission regulation
Transport incidents