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Information for Sodium Sulphate SIEF Members

Important information of the TDC Consortium "Sodium Sulphate" for all SIEF Members (01st January 2019)
Download "SIEF_information_Na2SO4_01-01-2019_EN"

Identified uses for the REACH registration of Sodium Sulphate

One of the consortia managed by Treuhandgemeinschaft Deutscher Chemiefasererzeuger GmbH (TDC) for the purpose of the registration of substances due to REACH has registered Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4) until 30. November 2010.

The following file offered for download contains the identified uses of Na2SO4 which will be considered by this consortium (30-01-2019).
Download "Identified uses of Sodium Sulphate_30-01-2019"